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Cover crops info at the click of a mouse

Posted by Teresa Steckler - Pasture

Cover crops are receiving much attention from grain and livestock producers.  Cover crops can help reduce soil erosion, increase organic matter, improve early weed control, and provide forage for animals. They can also benefit the public by improving water quality, air quality, and wildlife habitat.  However, choosing the correct cover crop can be daunting.  There are numerous varieties and...

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Antibiotic alternative aids immune response

Everyone knows that there is a huge debate about antibiotic resistance and the cause(s).  I will not even address that issue in this column - there's not enough space here, plus it is a multifaceted problem.  I read the following article in Feedstuffs and thought you may be interested.  It is in...

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Mother nature has turned up the heat

Posted by Teresa Steckler - Weather

It's that time of year and there are numerous management items that all livestock producers must keep in mind.  The temperature in southern IL has heated up this week with temps in the 90s during the day and high humidity.  The one saving grace is that there is a breeze. Nevertheless, cattle prefer cooler temperatures with little to no humidity. Dangerous situations can develop when temperatur...

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