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Consumers sour on milk exposed to LEDs

Posted by Teresa Steckler - Other

Well you may think that this one is a stretch to put on my blog, but it does pertain to cattle - just dairy!  Nevertheless I thought many of you may have heard about this yet.  The article came out a couple of days ago in several media sources; this article is from Feedstuffs .  Happy reading! Displ...

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Heifer reproduction can be hurt by washy spring forage

I found this article online and thought you might think it is important as well.  It fits the d...

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Time to Harvest Hay

Posted by Teresa Steckler - Pasture

If the rain had not hampered many producers, much more hay would have already been harvested in southern Illinois but the next week's weather should be optimal to cut and bale hay.  Producers know that quality goes down as hay matures, but they also know that yield goes up with hay maturity. In striving for more is better, producers often end up with a lot of hay that has very littl...

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