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What pigs eat matters to millennials

Posted by Teresa Steckler - Other

All right before someone throws the gauntlet at me for reporting a pork article, one just needs to read to the end.  The lack of knowledge about food production is rampant in our society - too few are actually involved in agriculture now.  Also unfortunately, some of those lacking basic ag knowledge may become those in "power" at the local, state, and federal levels of government.  Ag needs to sho...

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Watch for lice this winter

Posted by Teresa Steckler - Disease

Wintertime is high time for lice infestations. If you see evidence of scratching or rubbing, the time to act is now. Livestock producers at one time or another have had a lice infestation in the herd.  When lice populations are heavy enough to cause cattle to be visibly scratching, it is apparent that cattle are not performing optimally.  Managing lice in purebred herds is important from a cos...

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It's all about the facilities

As many of the producers that I visit and speak to, the one critical aspect of owning cattle is great handling facilities.  The appropriate facilities are advantageous in numerous ways.  I will outline two of them briefly here. Safety - This is probably the biggest factor, not only for you but also the livestock.  While you may have been around the cattle all your life,...

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