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Updated Nutrition Composition Tables

It's that time of year again. The new feed composition table is out. Here's the...

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2015 Feed Composition Tables

Hello all While many people just feed corn or bagged feed to their flock others may look to develop a different ration.  If you are considering developing a ration, use this table of feedstuffs to assist you.  The use of many of these items depends on their availability and cost...

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Feed Composition Table

Every year I am asked to provide a information on feedstuffs to balance rations. I found an article that has a link to a Table of 280 feedstuffs commonly used to feed cattle and sheep. Keep in mind though that feeds are not constant. The best way to balance a diet is to have your feedstuffs analyzed, especially your hay. Sometimes hay looks/smells great, but has little nutritive va...

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