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Cover crops info at the click of a mouse

Cover crops are receiving much attention from grain and livestock producers. Cover crops can help reduce soil erosion, increase organic matter, improve early weed control, and provide forage for animals. They can also benefit the public by improving water quality, air quality, and wildlife habitat. However, choosing the correct cover crop can be daunting. There are numerous varieties and...

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Weed Control Guide for Ohio, Indiana and Illinois

Weed control is important for everyone involved in farming. The Weed Control Guide for Ohio, Indiana and Illinois had been published on-line and is available as a PDF download. There is some information on managing weeds in legumes - pages 144-154 and grass pastures - 155-165....

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Fall rest for native grass forages

This article from UT is a good reminder about all pastures - not just native grasses... Like many warm-season perennials, native grasses need rest prior to fall dormancy. This rest period allows the grass to store adequate energy (carbohydrates) in the root systems to overwinter successfully. Although warm-season perennials are dormant over the winter, they are still alive and...

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