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It's Kidding Time

Posted by Teresa Steckler -

Well, we are almost finished with kidding.  This year has been an unusual year.  We have had many triplets and moms that initially wanted each kid, but for some reason decided not accept one of the kids after several days.  Fortunately, a new mom accepted the kid after we grafted it onto her.  There are still six bottle babies - the most we have ever had.  Some of the bottle babies were very small initially (born weak) or the moms did not have sufficient milk for three kids.

Grafting kids onto freshly kidded moms is relatively easy.  Most new moms will accept another kid if it smells like her newborn.  The easiest way is to take the amniotic sac and/or fluids and rub onto the the kid to be grafted.  In that way the kid smells like her own kid.

By grafting a couple of kids onto single moms, we were able to save us time and money let alone making the mom work just a little harder to earn her keep.  I am very hard on moms - they should do a great job in rearing their kids otherwise they do not stay around the farm long.

Happy kidding.

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