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Popular Science debunks 10 GMO claims

Posted by Teresa Steckler -

Colleen Scherer, Managing Editor, Ag Professional|Updated: 07/14/2014

In the July issue of Popular Science, the magazine tackles the topic of biotechnology and debunks many of the commonly held ideas about genetically modified food. The magazine chose 10 of the most common claims and interviewed nearly a dozen scientists to get its answers. Overall, the magazine says consumers shouldn't worry about GMOs.

Here is the top 10 list of claims that the article debunks.

1. Genetic engineering is a radical technology.

2. GMOs are too new for us to know if they are dangerous.

3. Farmers can't replant genetically modified seeds.

4. We don't need GMOs—there are other ways to feed the world.

5. GMOs cause allergies, cancer and other health problems.

6. All research on GMOs has been funded by Big Ag.

7. Genetically modified crops cause famers to overuse pesticides and herbicides.

8. GMOs create super-insects and super-weeds.

9. GMOs harm beneficial insect species.

10. Modified genes spread to other crops and wild plants, upending the ecosystem.

The article also points out the main crops that have GMOs, including cheese, corn, cotton, papaya, rapeseed, soy, squash, sugarbeets and wine.

To see the full article and read how the magazine debunks the top 10 claims, click here.

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