Project Photos and Data

Clover Project

This project dealt with the clover study in cool season grasses for the University of Illinois Dudley Smith Farm.
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2010 Project Photos and Data

project photo

The Dudley Smith Initiative 2010 data can be viewed here.

2010 Accomplishments:

  • Seed increase completed at Dudley Smith Farm and Urbana.
  • Demonstration plots and Bulk plots of Tropical Maize were produced at Dudley Smith Farm.
  • Plots were sampled for Biomass and Grain production.
  • Plots were harvested with the Biomass Baled.
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  • Baled material was provided to a collaborator to produce pellets and evaluate Btu value.
  • Tropical Maize was also produced for silage at Urbana and was used in a Beef Cattle feed trial.
  • Collaborating farmers also produced bulk plots in Mattoon, IL (Dalane Allenbaugh Farm) and Prescott, WI (George Jacques Farm).
  • 2011 Plans include producing more seed, producing bulk plots with promising hybrids from the 2010 Demonstration, finalize plans to provide biomass for making pellets and cofiring for thermal energy.
  • project photo
  • Stalk sugar extract and dry material is currently being evaluated for fermentation value for ethanol and butanol production.
  • Data is being evaluated for long term economic analysis of production costs and potential revenues under the USDA BCAP Program.
  • Analysis and information of USDA Biomass Program policy is being conducted and will be provided in the future.