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Planning and Developing the Embryology Program

Getting Ready

Thoroughly review all materials in this website before picking up the eggs. You may "pick and choose" from several alternatives.

Read through Bulletin (LA0950) From Egg to Chick to get an idea of what will happen. This is available from University of Illinois Extension offices.

Order books for reference, if you would like, through your local library. See reference list and description.

Do the Webbing activity.

Testing the Incubator

Read Operating a Still-Air Incubator.

Set up the incubator and regulate the temperature.

Test incubator with distilled water in water channels to make sure that the incubator holds 100.5 degrees F.

Have students build their own incubator using the instructions found in Building an Incubator.

Setting the Eggs

Set eggs on Tuesday or Wednesday to avoid weekend hatches.

Start eggs in the afternoon (more likely to hatch during day and not overnight).

Mark eggs with X and O (for turning), and placing in the incubator. Place X up in morning, O up mid day, and X up in afternoon. The next day place O up in the morning, X up mid day, and O up in afternoon.

Have pupils draw a picture of an incubator and label its parts.

Here are some suggestions for hatching chicks in the classroom and some supplemental activities you may want to do.

Equipment You Can Build

Teacher-Led Activities

Pupil Activities

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