Incubation and Embryology - University of Illinois

Incubation Troubleshooting

Eggs pipped, but chicks dead in shell.

Probable Cause Suggested Corrective Measure
Low average humidity in incubator; too low to too high in humidity at transfer time in hatcher.

Maintain proper humidity throughout incubation and hatching cycle.

Temperature too low or too high (more probably too high) in hatcher.

Check accuracy of hatcher thermometer. Operate at proper temperature.

Lack of ventilation in hatcher

Do not recirculate foul air. Supply 100 percent fresh, tempered air.

Chilled eggs

Maintain the proper temperature throughout incubation and hatching cycle.

Infected embryos - either by infection from dams, or especially by external microbial contamination through shell.

Gather eggs quickly, cool properly, and hold under proper conditions.

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