Incubation and Embryology - University of Illinois

Incubation Troubleshooting

Excessive early chick mortality.

Probable Cause Suggested Corrective Measure
Improper shipping of chicks or failure to get them on feed and water soon enough. Improper brooder condition.

Make sure chicks shipped under good conditions of temperature and ventilation. Try to get them on feed and water within 24 hours of hatching, 48 at most. Brood correctly.

Eggs infected with organisms by microbial contamination through shell.

Set only clean, uncracked eggs. Check hatcher sanitation procedures. Make sure hatcher and hatch trays have been thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and fumigated after each hatch.

Poor hatchery sanitation.

Follow approved techniques in cleaning incubators and in disinfecting all equipment. Do not recirculate foul air.

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