Incubation and Embryology - University of Illinois

Learning Together - Grades K-3

Things to Learn Things to Do
What is an incubator and how is it used
  • Help prepare an incubator.
  • Place incubator out of drafts.
  • Put in thermometer, water and eggs.
  • Use an incubator.
  • Read a thermometer.
  • Turn eggs three times a day from Day 2 to Day 18.
  • Look at eggs daily.
Use math with eggs
  • Count the number of eggs set.
  • Guess how many eggs will hatch.
  • Count the number of eggs that hatch.
  • Count the number of days it takes to incubate the eggs.
How a chick hatches
  • Watch a chick hatch.
  • Draw a picture of a newly hatched chick.
  • Tell your friends and parents how a chick hatches.
  • Ask your teacher to make a tape recording of chick sounds.
  • Gently and carefully hold a chick in your hands.
New words about eggs
  • Have your teacher provide a new word list.
  • Write new words in a complete sentence.
  • Write a story about hatching and chicks using the new words.
  • Play "Egg Tag." Have your teacher explain the rules.
Show and tell

Share with your friends by showing and telling about new things:

  • Thermometer
  • Incubator and nest
  • Egg, egg shell, yolk, and white
  • Chick
Other uses for eggs
  • Cook with eggs.
  • Ask your parents five ways to cook eggs.
  • Help your parents make egg dishes.
  • Name some foods that have eggs in them.
  • Make some egg art.
  • Color Easter Eggs.
  • Color egg shells to make egg mosaics.


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