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Parent/Teacher Communications
and Establishing a Relationship
with Your Child's Teacher

The most positive communication a parent can have with a teacher is communication that says, "I care about my child, and I value school." The best way a parent can show how much he or she values learning is by sending a prepared child to school every day. When a child is absent from school, important lessons may be missed. Once a child gets behind in class, catching up can be difficult.

Parents and teachers are partners in student development. A school community is built on relationships established among children, school staff members, and children’s families.

Tips for creating a positive relationship
with your child’s teacher

Meet with your child’s teacher in the fall. This is an excellent time for the teacher to learn more about your child as an individual—his or her special needs, outside activities, health, and home study habits.

Look for the positive. Teachers need to feel appreciated for the job they do. Share with your child’s teacher something you particularly appreciate regarding the teacher’s role in the academic and/or social development of your child.

Express your appreciation by sending a note of thanks when something special takes place in the classroom and your child is involved.

Let the teacher know that you want to support the work that is being done in class. Ask for suggestions for expanding school activities into home activities.

Be willing to participate in or set up a conference when you or your child’s teacher feel a special meeting is needed, such as

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