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Children Can Help Balance
Work and Family Demands

A parent has many tasks. One task is to help children take control of their actions by teaching them responsibility. When children take charge of some tasks in the family, they feel useful. It also helps to develop a healthy attitude toward work. Home is the ideal training ground where children can safely learn skills, habits, responsibilities, dependability, and self-discipline. It is not difficult to make a bed, but the challenge lies in making the bed everyday! Children who gain mastery over little things (such as making beds) will have power over greater things.

Giving the child a chance to take responsibility for a task may take extra time in the beginning. It will reduce the parent involvement in the task in the long run. This will make it easier for parents to balance work and family tasks.

Ideas for teaching children to take charge of tasks include:

Teaching responsibility when children are young helps them to learn to care for others. It also teaches that family members share the load of everyday living. Members of a family who share work and fun feel a sense of accomplishment. They also feel a sense of belonging.

Even 2 or 3 year olds can help out by taking responsibility:

Children helping with tasks can save parents time and energy. It can also help balance work and family tasks. Children need to share in the responsibility and work of running the home. Children need the training that comes through having responsibility and learning to work. Great families work together and then play and grow together!

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