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Learning how to budget your time is important in all aspects of life, especially in a family. A lack of time can lead to conflict. You can learn to budget time so that everyone gets the most out of being an individual and a member of a family team.

By identifying your values or strong personal beliefs, you can gain balance in your life. Those beliefs will guide you as you make decisions around family time and personal time. Spontaneous family times can be just the pick-me-up everyone needs.

When children in the family are involved with activities outside the home, parents and other family members can share the load of "being there" for support. If there are young children, take them to the activities. This is a great role modeling opportunity and a wonderful reinforcement as well. Everyone sharing in this responsibility can build support in a family. If nobody can attend an outside event, letters tucked into lunch bags or notebooks can mean a lot.

Plan for special days such as holidays and birthdays. Make sure, though, to save some time to relax and just be together. Also, plan for ordinary days. If you keep a calendar of upcoming events and special school functions, you won't feel so pressured when they arrive.

Reading, Watching and Listening List

Consult your local library to find these resources:

Family Works in Action

Here are some conditions that might mean time management is an issue in your family team:

Here are some strategies to help your family manage time:


Time management can be difficult for every family member. Poor time management can cause a person to feel sad, tired, or to become physically ill. Talking to others or writing your chores and ideas down on paper can be a good place to start.

Time management may get rid of stress in your life. If you use your time well, you may have more time to:

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