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Make a Sun Chart

Take a piece of white paper and mark where your house is, fence, garage, walks and other things that don't move. Include big trees, too. Then, draw in where your garden is going to go. Then get ready to watch how the sun shines down on your garden spot. In the morning, look to see where the sun is shining on your yard.

Go to your paper and fill in with yellow stripes where the sun is shining. About 1 o'clock do the same thing with a blue crayon and about 5 o'clock do the same thing with an orange crayon. If the sun shines in the same place through the day, you will see several different colored lines show up. The more colored lines you have on a spot tells you how long the sun shines in that area during the day. It also tells you what spots might be better for your garden. You might find out that the most sun spots aren't good for gardening because of something you can't change. Pick the best spot you can get and have fun gardening.

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