History & Origin

Marigolds have a very strong odor. Because of this odor many 16th century gardeners thought they were poisonous. The plant was named for the Virgin Mary — "Mary’s Gold." Marigolds are native to Mexico. Illinois Senator Dirksen in the 1960's tried to make the marigold the national flower. In India an indication of friendship was to present a friend with a lei of marigolds.

When to Plant

Plant after all danger of frost.

How to Plant

Plant in full sun. Marigolds are sold as transplants and can be started from seed outdoors. The shorter kinds of marigolds should be spaced about 12 inches apart. The taller African kinds should be spaced two feet apart.

Special Care

Marigolds are care-free. Deadheading can help to make them bloom all summer long. Water when the soil is dry.
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