History & Origin

Radishes are native to China. Egyptian writing reports that radishes were a common food in ancient Egypt before the pyramids were built. In Greece, radishes were so highly valued that imitations of them were made of gold. In 1544, a German botanist reported seeing radishes that weighed about 100 pounds. Radishes were grown by the first English colonists in America.

When to Plant

Plant radishes in very early spring (March/April) as soon as you can dig up the soil. They love the cool weather.

Spacing and Depth

Radish Seedling

Plant the seed 1/4 to 1/2 inch deep. After the radishes have come up, then thin out so they are about 1/2 to 1 inch apart.

Special Care

Radishes grow super fast! From seedling to harvest is usually about 25-30 days. Keep them watered and check them often. They will be ready to eat before you know it.


Pull the radish when the root is less than one inch in diameter. Do not leave ready-to-eat radishes in the ground too long or else they will become hot to the taste and hard.

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