History & Origin

Spinach originated in Iran and was found in China by 64 A.D., and in Spain by 1100 A.D. Spinach was brought to American shores by the colonists.

When to Plant

Spinach can be planted as soon as you dig up your soil in March or April. A fun thing to try is to dig up your spinach bed in the fall and in late winter broadcast the spinach seed over the snow or frozen ground. The spinach will germinate as the soil thaws out. You can make weekly plantings of spinach during the cool spring months.

Spacing and Depth

Spinach Seedling

Sow 12-15 seeds for each row of spinach. How many seeds would you need if you planted three rows? Rows should be at least 12 inches apart. Cover the seed with 1/2 inch of soil. When the spinach plants are one inch tall, thin them to 2-4 inches apart.

Special Care

Spinach likes to be well watered and also likes to grow in a fertile, well drained soil.


Harvest the outer leaves when they are 3 inches long. Allow the younger leaves to grow bigger for a later harvest. For the tastiest spinach, pick the leaves when they are young and small.

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