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Take a Look at My First Garden

This program is designed for students to explore the fundamental knowledge needed to grow a successful garden. As students go through the basics, the FUNdamentals, and the process of planning a garden, they will be acquiring skills that will last a lifetime.

School-age children need to experience the world in miraculous, positive ways. Building a garden might seem like a luxury, but in reality it teaches children about planning, responsibility, measurement and time.

Anticipatory guidance for the study of gardens

Begin by talking with students about gardens. Take a walk and look at gardens in the neighborhood, or go someplace where there is a garden to view. Make sure your students have a full sensory experience: what do they see, feel, hear, and smell? What kinds of feelings do they have when they are in a garden?

Alert: Making Pesticide Applications in School/Community Gardens

My First Garden Teacher's Guide - University of Illinois Extension
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