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Holiday Swag

Posted by Alicia Kallal - Seasonal

The holiday season can be a great time of joy, filled with family gatherings, rich foods, and festive decorations. Decorating for the holidays is one of the most important steps for many when it comes to getting in the holiday spirit. One challenge that comes with the territory is sticking to a budget. That's why I've dedicated this blog to sharing an inexpensive DIY holiday decoration: a fresh...

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Behind the Blog – Meet Your Horticulture Extension Educator, Alicia Gardner

Posted by Alicia Kallal -

In this special behind the scenes blog post, I would like to share the story behind the title of my blog. It is probably fairly obvious that the title is a pun on my last name, but beyond the obvious pun, the initials of the blog—AMG—are also my initials. I also believe that "A Merry Gardener" is a good descriptor for me. I love growing and using plants and I want to help others do the same. My...

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