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borage feeding web
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Holes and Frass; Garden Guests

One morning in mid-July I found a surprise in my herb garden. My lovely borage ( see my post on borage ) had been turned into lunch by some hungry lepidopteran larvae (caterpillars)...

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borage bloom  2

Edible Ornamental, Uncommon Herb – Borage

Giant, bright blue eyes in a child have the power to strike me still. The astounding, azure blue star of a borage flower catch me and hold me fast. Few flowers produce such a remarkable and moving color as that of the clear-sky blue borage blossom. Borage is an herb unknown to many. It is an annual, growing 2-3 feet tall with a basal rosette architecture. The leaves are rough and covere...

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snowy window plants

Sprouts on the Sill

Now that fall is advancing and the outdoor growing season is coming to a close, I know that many of us will be looking for ways to hold on to a hint of spring in the midst of winter. Growing herbs indoors is a great way to stay connected to the vitality of the summer garden throughout the year and keep fresh herbs in your winter cooking. There are several factors that need to be taken i...

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