4-H in Jackson County

4-H in Jackson County

4-H Mission
4-H empowers youth to reach their full potential, working and learning in partnerships with caring adults.

4-H Vision
A world in which youth and adults learn, grow and work together as catalysts for postive change.

Who We Are
Jackson County 4-H prepares young people to step up to challenges in their community and the world. Using research-based programming around postive youth development, 4-H youth get the hands-on real world experience they need to become leaders.

*Tax Implications for Prizes, Gifts or Awards*

Program Participants (including minors) will be required to provide their social security number or foreign national tax ID number prior to receiving a prize, gift or award to ensure proper IRS reporting as required by law.  This sensitive information is kept confidential and handled through security protected software (PEAR).  Participants will not be eligible for prize, gift or award if social security or foreign national tax ID information is not provided.