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Rhonda J. Ferree

Rhonda J. Ferree
Former Extension Educator, Horticulture

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Rhonda Ferree's Horticulture Blog
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Coral Bells Enhance a Shade Garden

I love my shade garden behind my Gazebo. My mind is swirling with ideas to add to this year. My shade garden includes pathways that lead to a bench and a variety of shade loving plants dotted throughout the space. I'm anxious to try a few various shade appropriate plants in my garden. The garden includes the usual hosta and fern, but there are so many more choi...

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Horticulture Program GROWing Stronger

Horticulture programs are not only fun and popular, but they teach homeowners how to use good landscaping to increase their property values, use fewer resources, and reduce home energy costs. Gardeners also reap many personal benefits from gardening. I am working hard to GROW the horticulture program in Fulton, Mason, Peoria, and Tazewell counties. My ultimate goal is to provide knowled...

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