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Rhonda J. Ferree

Rhonda J. Ferree
Former Extension Educator, Horticulture

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Rhonda Ferree's ILRiverHort

Rhonda Ferree's Horticulture Blog
The Three Little Pigs themed garden at the 2013 University of Illinois Hort Club flower show.

Literature Gardens

Have you ever thought of combining literature and gardening? Literature gardens do just that. I remember a past Chicago Flower & Garden Show, where two popular children's books came alive in gardens: "The Tales of Peter Rabbit" and "Where the Wild Things Are." One of the most popular (and crowded) gardens at that year's show was Mr. McGregor's Garden. In it, the famous adven...

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Watering aloe houseplant

How to Water Houseplants

I currently have just over 70 houseplant containers to water. Most have one plant per container, but a few are combinations of plants. They come in all shapes and sizes, colors and textures, and I love them all! Just like pets, I groom, feed, water, and enjoy the company of my plants. Yes, I'm a plant geek! Do you have a brown thumb when it comes to growing houseplants? If so, you might...

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houseplant video pic
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Ferree Provides Garden Tip Videos

Last year I started producing short videos on various gardening topics. They are a lot of fun to make. Currently, I have 31 videos available, covering indoor and outdoor horticultural topics. In my first educational video "Planting Fall Mums," I demonstrate from my home garden how to plant fall mums. This two-minute video has 213 views - the most views of all my YouTube videos....

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Illinois Audubon Society birding adventure
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Birding Equipment…how to use binoculars

We are enjoying watching the birds at our feeder this winter. They add action and color to an otherwise static winter scene. Bird watching is a popular hobby in America. According to a 2016 US Fish and Wildlife Service survey, more than 45 million people watch birds around their homes and away from home. If you aren't already, you too can be a birder. All you need is the will and some b...

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