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Week by Week in a Garden

Join me in my garden as I post weekly pictures and updates from six locations around my yard. 

1-Herb Garden - my herb garden was built several years ago and is adjecent to my back patio. Although originally it was designed to grow only herbs, I've adapted it over the years to include other plants of interest. I anxiously await the flowering of the poppies I transplanted here last fall.

2-Garden pond and pergola - to the east of my patio we built a garden pond and pergola walkway. This is a shady locations where we typically add a few impatiens each summer. I"m hoping a few crocus will make an appearance soon.

3-Pool and Gazebo - a tropical look will soon appear. Ten banana plants wait patiently in the basement until they can move outside.

4-Perennial bed - How much will I need to prune the butterfly bushes this year since they overwintered?

5-Firepit areas - A new outdoor living space. Watch as it progresses.

6- Front Entrance - From this viewpoint you should see spring flowering trees soon.

Gardens are interesting in every season. As these gardens progress this year, watch for changing colors, textures, shapes, forms. I'll take pictures at different times of the day and under different lighting conditions. Notice how that changes the overall feel of each garden room.

Go to to begin the tour...enjoy!

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