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Rhonda J. Ferree

Rhonda J. Ferree
Former Extension Educator, Horticulture

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Japanese maple leafing out, vinca vine in flower, Carlesei viburnum flowering on 3-26-12
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Week Four in my Garden

I am still surprised by the number of plants in full bloom in March. I saw flowering dogwood in full bloom yesterday in Springfield, IL. In my yard, the Carlesei viburnum look awesome and smells even better.

The pictures above show the same five locations in my garden. Closeup views include:
-creeping phlox by the pool
-Japanese maple, Carlesei viburnum, and vinca vine by herb garden
-Prairiefire crabapple in front yard
-Bleeding heart in the perennial garden.

Enjoy our early spring! See all week by week photos at

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