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Rhonda J. Ferree

Rhonda J. Ferree
Former Extension Educator, Horticulture

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oakleaf hydrangea on 6-4-12
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Hydrangeas in my garden

Last year I decided to devote a corner of my yard to hydrangeas. There are so many different types of hydrangeas in the marketplace right now. I'm curious to try them in my own yard. So far I have Oakleaf, Quickfire, and Pinkie-Winkie. Unfortunately, most hydrangeas do not like dry soil conditions. Since I garden in sand, that is difficult. I do irrigate, but irrigation is not always as good as a well timed rain event.

Here is my analysis so far this year for these three hydrangea.

Lillie-Vaughn's Lillie Oakleaf Hydrangea - In partly sunny location with good irrigation. Very lush and beautiful. Flowers are impressive but are so large and heavy that they severely weigh down the entire shrub. I ended up pruning out most of the flowers when staking proved unsuccessful.

Quickfire Hydrangea - in deep shade with irregular irrigation. Tolerant of irregular watering. Foliage green and healthy. Flowers sparse, but still pretty.

Pinky Winky hydrangea - new to my garden this year. Near the Quickfire in deep shade with irregular irrigation. This plant is half dead in spite of our frequent manual watering efforts. Not sure if this one is just more sensitive to the drought or if there is another problem.

What hydrangeas do you have? Any suggestions for me to add to my collection?

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