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Japanese Beetle News

Current information for homeowners and agricultural producers

Japanese Beetle Adult Emergence

Japanese beetle adults should be emerging in southern Illinois and will be emerging in central Illinois during the last week of June. They will emerge in northern Illinois during the first week of July. Look for them first on golf courses and other well-watered turf and then on smartweed, one of their favorite host plants....

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Factsheets for Homeowners

Adult Beetle Factsheet One page factsheet that describes the adult stage of the beetle that feeds on leaves and fruit above ground. Includes control recommendations....

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Pinterest Japanese Beetle Board

Check out my Pinterest Board about the Japanese beetle. It contains links to various sites with more information about this pest. Japanese Beetle Pinterest Board...

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MORE Japanese Beetle FAQs

Question: Tell me more about the Japanese beetle traps (also called bag-a-bug)? Answer : University of Illinois does not generally recommend using these traps to control beetles in your yard. The traps contain scents that attract the beetles, bringing even more beetles into your yard. If you are in the country, place the trap a mile or two from your house or le...

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Rhonda's Social Media Sites

Visit my social media sites for current information on the Japanese beetle and more. Illinois River Valley Extension Horticulture Program Facebook Page ILRiverHort Twitter Page Illinois R...

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News release - Japanese Beetle Myth information

Invasion of the Japanese Beetles – it sounds like a horror movie title, but is reality for most people living in central Illinois. Japanese beetle adults are present in high numbers and devouring leaves for about 6 weeks from mid-June into August. After mating and feeding females lay eggs in moist, actively growing lawns. Eggs hatch into large "C" shaped grubs that feed on plant roots. In...

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PSA for homeowners on Japanese Beetles

Japanese beetles are back! According to Rhonda Ferree, University of Illinois Extension educator in horticulture, these ½ to ¾ inch copper colored beetles feed on a variety of plants. Roses, grapes, and linden are often hit the hardest. The adult beetles are very hard to control because they move from plant to plant every three days. For more information on identification and control of these b...

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News Release on Japanese Beetle Invasion

The invasion of the Japanese beetle has arrived in west central Illinois. According to Rhonda Ferree, extension educator in horticulture, her office has received a flurry of calls, emails, and Facebook posts about this insect pest. If these beetles aren't causing plant havoc in your area, just wait. Japanese beetle adults have a 1/2 to 3/4 inch long body with copper colored wing covers...

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