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Japanese Beetles and Silk Clipping: New Research on an Old Foe

Posted on June 27, 2014 by Michael Gray On June 18, Robert Bellm, Commercial Agriculture Educator, observed Japanese beetles in Madison County, Illinois. Overall this season, I've received very few reports regarding this insect. With corn now r...

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Japanese Beetles – lower numbers this summer!

June 20, 2014 Yes – this news is a gardener's dream come true – for at least the 2014 growing season! All the winter data is in and the experts now say Japanese beetle numbers in northern Illinois will be much lower this year. Many Japanese beetle larvae did...

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Japanese beetles survived the winter, now what

Strategy for Japanese beetle traps: Detection then removal. Late each May, I place a red insecticide strip and a pheromone lure into a specially designed Japanese beetle trap that resembles a colorful torpedo or bomb ( Figure ). The lure works to attract Japanese beetles two different ways, one portion holds a female sex pheromone that attracts males looking...

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