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MORE Japanese Beetle FAQs

Question: Tell me more about the Japanese beetle traps (also called bag-a-bug)?

Answer: University of Illinois does not generally recommend using these traps to control beetles in your yard. The traps contain scents that attract the beetles, bringing even more beetles into your yard. If you are in the country, place the trap a mile or two from your house or let your neighbors use the trap. However, we often hear reports of homeowners who think this works well for them. Those homeowners have very small yards (10 x 10 ft), change the bags everyday, and supplement them with other control methods (typically sprays).

Question: I heard the beetles can also damage sweet corn. Is this true?

Answer: Yes, beetles feed on the corn ear silks, which can impact good ear pollination. Results are missing or irregular corn kernals.

Question: Will my tree die if the beetles eat all its leaves?

Answer: A healthy tree can typically withstand three or more years of complete defoliation before showing decline. Often the tree will leaf out again after the beetles are gone. Water and fertilize the tree to keep it healthy.

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