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Lifestyle Choices for Wellness

Timely discussion on topics of health and wellness to encourage action and improvement in personal wellness.

7/27/2012- Where to begin, where to begin?

Starting a fitness program may be one of the best things you can do for your health. Physical activity can reduce your risk of chronic disease, improve your balance and coordination, help you lose weight – even improve your sleep habits and self-esteem. I was moved to discuss this topic via blog this week because of some recent interaction with my co-workers. As mentioned...

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7/19/2012- What is Wellness?

As a "nutrition and wellness professional" I get asked the same questions a lot: "what do you do/eat? this bad for me? do I get to be like you?" Firstly, I am by no means the picture of wellness, but it is something I am passionate about. That's why I have made it my career. The American Heritage Dictionary defines wellness as "the condition of good physical, mental and emoti...

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