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8/21/2012- 4 Lifesaving Supplements

As a nutrition professional, it has always been a challenge to recommend dietary supplements to patients as the old-fashioned principle of dietetics stems from obtaining all of your nutrients from food. We now know that this is nearly impossible for most people.As I am a huge advocate of this practice, I also have recently become very supportive of supplement use, and here is why: O...

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8/13/2012-H2O: the underrated player

The heat wave we have suffered for most of July appears to have finally broken! Hooray! No longer must we unnecessarily sweat from walking to and from our vehicles or from merely checking our mailboxes. Though, perspiration is often the only thing that compels people to consume water...which is a problem. It's unreal how many individuals are dehydrated and don't even know it! I make it a hab...

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8/6/2012-When Eating Right Goes Wrong

Please excuse my delayed entry, as it is now Monday, not Thursday. Events of my ever evolving personal life took over last weeks agenda, keeping me out of commission for blogging, and all other daily routines, until today. It is this curve in the road that has inspired this blog entry. I am one for routine; daily work outs, normal diet staples, and regular bed times are key players in my day to...

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