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9/28/2012 - Fall into Healthy Eating Habits!

In case you all aren't as in tuned with the seasonal calendar as I am, Ill let it be known that is officially. As of this past Saturday, fall is here! Not only does it start to get dark early, and weather cools down, but something else happens tool--we start eating more. People show a marked seasonal rhythm with increased total caloric consumption, especially from carbohydrates, in the...

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9/21/2012 - Your Spice Rack is Your Friend

I am by no means an expert chef. I can make a pretty great omelet and am a smoothie whiz, but any thing with much more than 5 ingredients makes me a bit anxious. However, it takes effort to produce a yummy product in the kitchen. And it's like my mom always said, "if it's worth doin', it's worth doin' right!" Enter herbs and spices. For last Christmas my grandmother gave me a spice rac...

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9/13/2012- What's All This 'Paleo' Talk?

I'm not one for "fad diets"; as a nutrition professional, those are thought to be "the devils handiwork." That being said, I guess it depends what is considered a "fad" diet. Some of the trendy diets we hear about in the media today actually do have scientific evidence of being nutritionally/healthfully sound. Exhibit A: The Paleo Diet. I'm not advocating for this "diet" but, I will openly a...

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