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2/15/2013- Know Your Numbers: Part II

Last week's entry began the discussion about assuming responsibility for one's own health. In lieu of Heart Health Month, I acknowledged the impact that heart related conditions have on the lives of Americans. High blood pressure and high cholesterol levels are two things in OUR control that contribute to cardiac related deaths. So when it comes to cholesterol, reports from the CDC find...

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2/8/2013- Know Your Numbers

Why does it always seem that in life, we try and control the things that are out of our hands and we neglect to take control of things that are our responsibility? Funny how that is. None the less, it is crucial to realize these things for a couple reasons:  1) To stop stressing about things that are out of our hands 2) to stop ignoring our responsibilities and 3) to see we are losing time doing b...

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2/1/2013- Have your choclate and eat it too!

February already? Seems like just yesterday it was January...   For the people that immediately think Valentine's Day when they think of February, you may also think chocolate and candy when you think Valentine's. I know I do! It's hard not to when the store shelves are piled high with these festively packaged sweets. Additionally, February is also heart health month! Read this...

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