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Timely discussion on topics of health and wellness to encourage action and improvement in personal wellness.

4/22/2013 - Step Away from the Screen

In a world where everything is operating via technology and face to face contact is less and less, its important to get back to basics and step a ways from time to time. Next week is Screen Free Week, a week when students and their parents turn off the TV, video games, computers, smart phones, and tablets and find healthier ways to have fun. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation (...

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4/8/2013-Social Media: A Help to Your Health

I for one have feared the technology revolution. From seeing children constantly connected to a screen of a sort, to not knowing how to drive without a satellite directing me, to knowing people's credentials, family tree, and what they ate for breakfast without even meeting's all just a little outrageous to me. Yet, while I live dreading the day face to face conversations are obsolete...

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