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08/19/2013- Gardening Counts as Exercise

I for one, am all about multitasking. The more I can get done in one foul swoop the better. Two birds with one stone is my motto! So when I ran across this tip, I thought I should share with the world of gardeners or those that tinker with the hobby, just how beneficial of a past time it can be! Gardening is a great way not only to enjoy some fresh air and grow your own vegetables and f...

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08/02/2013 Handwashing: Dishing the Dirt

Maybe its the exhaustion of a busy summer, vacations, wedding planning stress and just being on the go constantly, but somehow its August and I am sick. I think we tend to correlate illness, colds, the flu, etc. with winter months, yet I have been sick THREE times this summer. How is this happening? I take fantastic care of myself, exercise, eat healthy and get plenty of sleep, isn't that all it t...

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