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11/21/13-Nutty for November

Who out there (besides me) loves peanut butter? I mean, could eat it every day, would die without it type of love it? And yes, as a Dietitian I admit, covering it in chocolate just takes it to whole now level of love. Did you know there is an entire month devoted to people like you and me? That's right National Peanut Butter Lover's month...which is happening NOW! So, we have Thanksgiving, Nati...

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11/14/13-November is Diabetes Month!

While most typically the month of November is noted for beginning the holiday season, it actually the national month for diabetes awareness! Today (November 14th) is National Diabetes Day! So what better way to celebrate than to shine the spotlight on this nationwide epidemic and provide some great resources for information and support. Diabetes is becoming more common in the United St...

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