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2014-06-22 19 16 34

Tussle of the Taters

Recently, the sweet potato (but not the regular potato) has been touting the sought after "super food" status that all foods strive to bear...and all health and fitness buffs swear by. But what about the sweet potato's pale, pasty brother, the regular potato? He's become nothing but a carbohydrate rich ghost that would sooner be fed to the pigs than eaten by someone of health conscious...

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Summer Smarts: Hydration is Key

This post is courtesy of a student I have had the pleasure of working with last semester. Stephanie Hillyer, a Bradley University senior studying dietetics, has shed some light on a very serious topic that is crucial for good health this time of the year! Hydration is always important, especially right now while the outdoor temperature is hot, hot, hot...

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