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Get Creative with Avocado

The other day I was eating lunch in our staff break room with some of my coworkers. As I was assembling my lunch and adding my mandatory scoop of avocado atop my chicken and kale, my co -workers winced in disgust. "I can't eat avocado alone" they kept saying. Guacamole seems to be the only way Americans consume this fabulous food. And knowing why they are a healthy selection is also something m...

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What's a Zoodle?

Labor Day marks the "end" of summer. Having just observed this holiday you might think the season is effectively over. Our yard's rampantly growing grass, my tan lines, and our 75 degree thermostat setting suggests other wise. As does my backyard garden, which is in FULL effect! One of the veggies I have growing in my garden this summer is zucchini. From baking to grilling, this guy is an all-s...

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T"homemade"O Sauce

At the rate of sparing myself the embarrassment of my overgrown garden-I did not include any pictures of the inspiration of this post. The late harvest of tomatoes in my home garden more than my husband and I can possibly consume! We have made BLT's, salad, salsa (fresh and canned)...we are just out of ideas! This is situation has given way to my newest cooking project: homemade spaghetti sauce...

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