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11/14/13-November is Diabetes Month!

While most typically the month of November is noted for beginning the holiday season, it actually the national month for diabetes awareness! Today (November 14th) is National Diabetes Day! So what better way to celebrate than to shine the spotlight on this nationwide epidemic and provide some great resources for information and support.

Diabetes is becoming more common in the United States. From 1980 through 2011, the number of Americans with diagnosed diabetes has more than tripled (from 5.6 million to 20.9 million) (Centers for Disease Control.)

As a Dietitian, it is a huge part of my job to PREVENT the further rise of this number.
The Academy Nutrition of Dietetics created this infographic to illustrate the role of diet and exercise in disease prevention.
Chronic Disease Prevention

About 79 million adults in the U.S. have prediabetes. If left untreated, 15-30% of them will develop Type 2 diabetes within five years. Learn more about prediabetes HERE.

If prevention is no longer an option and treatment/management of a diagnosis is at hand, that is another duty as a dietitian. The internet is FULL of great information and assistance to help you better manage you diabetes. Here at University of Illinois Extension we have developed several online and "techy" ways to do so...

Diabetes in Teens
Your Guide to Diet and Diabetes
What is Diabetes
and...More Recipes!

Mobile Apps
Recipes for Diabetes
Diabetes Lifelines

As we work towards getting American back on the track to health, do what you can do better care for yourself, or introduce these resources to someone you know that might benefit from them!

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