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Don't Diet, Live-it!

New Years' resolutions ---lose 20 pounds by spring break, run a marathon this summer, bench press 200 pounds by your birthday---how's that working for you? Each year we set ourselves up for failure. How many times have you put yourself on a "diet" only to fall off the wagon a few days later? I know in my lifetime I have gained and lost many pounds by doing just that. Starving myself, eating only cabbage soup, sitting in a sauna with a sweatsuit on----and I did lose weight, at first. There are many different and credible diet programs available, which are nutritionally legitimate, and even work. However, you have to stay with the program. But how many of us can stay on a regimented series of prescribed food choices and recipes? We lead busy lives, we are in a hurry---we do not have time to DIET.

Mark Sturgell,, suggests that instead of a "die-it" we go on a "live-it". Have you ever thought about the word diet? Why would we want to commit ourselves to something that has the word die in it? We want to live—and live well. Let that be our resolution and our theme for the year. How can we "live-it" this day, this week, this month? Try to do one thing each day to make your life better. Make an extra trip up the stairs, park in the very last spot in the parking lot, use whole wheat bread to make your sandwich, fill half your plate with fruits and vegetables at supper- you know what to do--just pick one and start today.. Do not overwhelm yourself and sabotage your good intent. So pick one thing to do today, see it through to tomorrow, and let it stick for the rest of this week. Stick it out for three weeks, as they say it takes 21 days to make a habit! Eventually it will become second nature and a part of your lifestyle. Small changes can lead to big success. Do one good thing and be proud of yourself and that one good thing will turn into two and three and then before you know it you will be well on your way to a life of good health!

Sustainable lifestyle change will keep you on the right path of health-so allowing for some of the foods we love to eat, in a modified healthier version is a helpful approach. Our own U of I Extension "Recipe Rescue" blog entries will help with this. After all, we aren't really living life we we aren't enjoying yummy food! Check out some of our made over recipes to help you turn over your new health minded leaf in 2015!


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