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Tech Tuesday: Leaf Snap

Today I will be talking about a botanical app that is available on Apple platforms. This app is Leaf Snap. I had the opportunity to thoroughly test this app, and it offers a way to identify plants by simply taking a picture of the leaf (thus Leaf Snap). This provides someone with just a little experience to successfully identify trees and some shrubs. Overall, this is a very powerful app that p...

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Helping Our Children Fall In Love (Not In Fear) with Nature

Guest Contribution by Jennifer McDaniel   With every hike we take, plant we nurture, and critter we rehabilitate, we feel our relationship with the earth strengthen. Yet for many young people, that crucial link with their natural world has been all but severed. All too often, young people think of themselves as something apart from nature, and even view their existence as a detr...

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Technology and Nature

As I think about the seasons changing and moving through fall and winter, I like to think about the many processes that are in nature. As I look at nature, I am amazed at the renewal that the change in seasons brings. One thing that I think is often overlooked when we look to nature is the role that technology can play in our study and understanding of nature. Recently I have been think...

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