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Tis the Season… to compost

As the weather warms up you are starting to think about your garden.  But you are also thinking about mowing and keeping your yard beautiful.  But what do you do with all of the grass clippings, plant trimmings and other yard waste?  Why not try composting all of the yard waste.  Taking the time to turn that “yard waste” into high quality soil amendments may seem too big of a challenge or even...

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Audobon Bird App

Tech Tuesday- Birding Field Guides Part 1

  There are a lot of field guides out there; and if you are a big birder you probably have your favorite.  You reach for it each time you go out in the field and if you are like me it has been a constant companion for many years.  Many of you also have a smart phone and you take that wherever you go as well.  But are you using it to help you identify the birds you see?  How about using...

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 MG 2183

Birds in the Back Yard

As we continue to think about the wildlife that we are attracting to our habitats, birds are inevitably going to come up in the discussion.  If you have read the past couple of entries about improving your back yard habitat, you will likely begin to think that I am harping on the same subject, using native plants.  Birds spread seeds everywhere they go.  A bird eats a seed and before it takes o...

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Butterfly Habitat

Last week we began think about the habitat that you create in your back yard.  In planning for your habitat, I stated that using native plant species is your best bet.  And no matter what type of habitat you are trying to create, these natives are going to be the most successful and attract the widest variety of wildlife.  If you are interested in attracting butterflies this is particularly tru...

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Tech Tuesday: iNaturalist

As the weather begins to be nice again, well at least it is starting to warm up, it is again time to start thinking about going out and enjoying nature once again.  But your time out in nature can have an impact on the areas that you are visiting.  No I am not talking about destroying natural areas I am talking about citizen scientist projects in which you can be involved. There are man...

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Time To Think about your Backyard Habitat

Though it may not seem like it right now spring is coming.  For me this winter seems to be dragging on and spring keeps teasing me with one nice warm day followed by temperatures that are only appropriate for areas in the Artic.  But the signs of approaching spring are starting to appear.  The days are getting longer, birds are singing in the trees (I have a Cardinal that is sing...

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