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Spring Cleaning

Posted by Jason Haupt - Air Quality

Spring is here and that means many things to many people.  It is time to plant your garden, start mowing your lawn, and also do your spring cleaning.  It is great to have a clean house, but when you are doing your cleaning think about what you are using to clean your home and what it is adding to your home.  Many of the cleaning products that you buy in the store are not the best for your indoo...

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Urban Ecology

Today is Earth Day, Friday is Arbor Day and the month of April is Earth Month.  It seems like a good time to talk about contributing to the health of the Urban Ecosystem.  An ecosystem, when balanced and functioning properly, provides protection from extreme events and helps to control and regulate itself.  The urban environment is no different, and when it is managed as an ecosystem it can reg...

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Wetlands of Significance

Once again the seasons have changed and once again I find myself amazed at nature and how it returns to beauty and the number of species that come back each year.  This is never more evident in the many natural areas that surround me.  The areas that are of particular importance and offer a great deal of interest are the many wetlands.  These areas offer a great deal of interest and are importa...

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Tech Tuesday- Merlin Bird ID

  Last week ended up being much busier than I thought it would be, between all that I had planned and all that happened Tuesday came and went.  What I had wanted to be Tech Tuesday last week started to be Tech Thursday still a nice sound to that but I did not get things finished and it looked like Tech Friday would have to do but again my day had other plans.  So here we go Tech Tuesday...

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Kids and Science

Ask a child what a scientist is and you will likely get a description of what most people would call a nerd.  White lab coat, thick glasses, tall, thin, and a squeaky, nasal voice.  In short, someone who looks like Steve Urkel or Robert Carradine’s character from Revenge of the Nerds.  It is not something that most children want to become. In general, children today do not have positive...

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