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Lonicera maackii  Amur Honeysuckle

Invasive Species- Bush Honeysuckle

There are a number of invasive plant species in Illinois.  The USDA has identified and listed 102 species that are considered to be invasive in Illinois.  This means that the plants and all of their parts pose a significant threat to the Illinois ecosystems in which they can be found. Honeysuckle often invokes the idea of sweet smelling flowers and lazy afternoons drinking sweet tea in...

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Protecting Pollinators

If you are like most Americans, your day has not started unless you have had your daily cup of coffee.  That cup of coffee is not possible without the help of some little friends.  These friends are pollinators and without their help there would be no coffee or many other foods and flowers that we like so much. However, pollinators are being assaulted from all sides.  Invasive species a...

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Invasive Species- Garlic Mustard

Invasive species are talked about a lot today and some can be controlled more easily than others but invasive species will take over our native areas if we do not all work together to control and remove them.  You may be thinking “Why should I care about invasive species?”  Invasive species have been introduced into an ecosystem where they do not have any natural predators and because they do n...

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Spring Cleaning

Posted by Jason Haupt - Air Quality

Spring is here and that means many things to many people.  It is time to plant your garden, start mowing your lawn, and also do your spring cleaning.  It is great to have a clean house, but when you are doing your cleaning think about what you are using to clean your home and what it is adding to your home.  Many of the cleaning products that you buy in the store are not the best for your indoo...

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