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Invasive Species- Purple Loosestrife

If you were to ask people to name an invasive species, Purple Loosestrife would be one of the top five species named.  It originally was carried to the US as a medicinal plant and was also brought over in ballast of ships coming from Europe.  It established itself on the northeastern seaboard in the early 1800’s and spread inland slowly.  It established itself in Illinois in the 1930’s and is c...

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Pass the Honey Bees.

When most people think about bees, the first thought is probably to get away from them as fast as they can.  Or if this is not the case, then it is to grab the nearest can of Raid.  Bees invoke fear in many people; and unfortunately, this results in killing bees when they are seen. However, these are fascinating creatures, and they serve a very important role in the environment and agriculture....

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