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An Illinois River Almanac

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Cleaner Water

Water is important to us all. It plays a major role in all of our lives. Water is a fundamental human need. Access to clean water is one of the top priorities to many people. A lack of clean water restricts recreation, as well as having an economic impact on the communities. There are many substances that can pollute a water way. One group of pollutants that has been getting a lot of at...

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Animal of the Week: Snowy Owl

Some animals have the ability to capture our imaginations, interests, and attention. One such animal is the Snowy Owl. These birds have added some magic in many minds. In the Harry Potter books, Harry's owl was a Snowy Owl. Since these books and movies have come out, it seems like this bird has gained some attention and grown in popularity. Here in Illinois, these birds are just as mysterious,...

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Silver Fox

Animal of the Week: Red Fox

Foxes evoke a variety of responses. Someone who keeps chickens or other ground dwelling bird species see them as pests, something to be feared, or something to be destroyed. Historically, this is the response to foxes and still seems to be the response when a farmer hears that there is a fox in the area. I can remember when I volunteered for an animal rehab center three fox pups were brought in...

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Medication Disposal

We have all had to take medication at one time or another. It is just part of life. You get sick, go to the doctor, and they prescribe something to take care of what is bothering you. Unless you are taking an antibiotic (which you need to finish) you might have some left. What do you do with that leftover medicine? If not properly disposed of, medications can end up in our streams, rivers, lake...

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Animal of the week: Northern Cardinal

There are few birds quite as striking as the Northern Cardinal. They are particularly noticeable when there is snow on the ground. The bright red male stands out from that white background. It is the state bird of Illinois and the state bird for six other states, as well. It is the mascot for many colleges and sports teams. The Norther Cardinal is easily identified. Both males and femal...

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Radon Infographic

Silent but deadly

Posted by Jason Haupt - Air Quality

You would not sleep in a house that was full of deadly gas would you? You would not stay in a place that you thought could kill you but you may be doing just that. When you buy a house you test for lead paint, termites, and you have the home inspected to ensure that the house is safe for you and your family. But most people overlook one test that can have a huge effect on your health - testing...

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White-Tailed Deer

The white-tailed deer is probably one of the most recognizable animals found in Illinois. They are found throughout the state and can be seen in the swamps of southern Illinois and in Chicago's sprawling suburbs. It is the state mammal and is the only large mammal found in the state. White-tailed deer evoke a lot of different feelings, but they are also not very well understood by most people....

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