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Animal of the Week: Rat Snake

If you have read some of my other blogs or articles, you are well aware of my stance on snakes. I believe that the only good snake is a hungry snake. Snakes have many benefits in the ecosystems where they are found. One of the most common snakes in Illinois is the Rat Snake and it is a beautiful example of the snakes found in Illinois. There are two Rat Snakes found in Illinois - the Gr...

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Saving the Rain for Later

The past few weeks have been very wet. We seem to have a lot more rain in the spring, and this year is no exception to that rule. We have had an average of approximately four inches of rain over the last 30 days. This is a lot of water that could be used during the summer months when there is less rain. Rain barrels are an excellent way to save that rain for a not-so-rainy day. There ar...

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Jumping Worm Map
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Jumping Worm

Every year there seems to be a new invasive species that we need to take into consideration, and this year will not be a disappointment. The Jumping Worm is a new invasive species that you need to keep an eye out for this year. It is new to Illinois though not to the US. Although it has only been identified in three counties (Cook, DuPage, and McHenry), it poses a threat to the entire state if...

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