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Natures Nightly Number

If you are like me, you enjoy sitting in your back yard on nice spring and summer evenings. But even in the small town that I live in it is far from quiet. Sitting on my porch or patio, I can hear a number of noises and most of them are not man made. In the spring and early summer, there are lots of noises to listen to, and it is pleasant to sit on a cool night and just listen to the mu...

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There are lots of reasons to hate mosquitoes. For most people it is the itching that accompanies the bite, but there are health reasons to hate them too. In February of this year the news began to talk about the Zika virus and its dangers. Although Zika is in the news, mosquitoes carry a number of other diseases that should be considered. Illinois has had very few cases of Zika and none of them...

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